Final Magnum Project

For this Final Project i decided to visit the different farmers markets in Miami, and compare their differences. I chose Farmers Markets because I love all sorts of fruits and vegetables and I love the vibe that Farmers Markets have. The high croma colors reflects off and gives a very happy and refreshing,I would say, feeling. I made sure to not only capture the fruits and vegetables, but the environment and people there as well. To show how it was like, what was the different vibes from each one and so on. Over the period of a month I captured Farmers Markets from Coconut Grove, to Hollywood to Biscayne Blvd and so on. I believe everyone gets the sort of Joyful feeling when you look at pictures of Farmers Markets and thats what was my intention for this Photo Essay. I think the best Farmers Market i went to was The Yellow Green Farmers Market on hollywood, it had multiple stands and had different ethnicities from all around the world from Italian, to Argentinian, Mexican, Thailand, Peru; all over, and that is another purpose to this Project, to not only capture the feeling of Farmers Markets but the different ethnicities and background from one another.

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